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Game Information Flex Bingo

Flex Bingo

Flex Bingo Come and discover the fascinating world of the bingos with Flex Bingo. You can select up to 4 cartons with 15 lucky numbers each and up to 13 extra balls! Don't miss your chance to win with Flex Bingo!
Flex Bingo

How to play Flex Bingo

- Select from 1 to 4 cards for the game.
- Choose your bet from 1 to 10 credits per card.
- Select “cards” to change the numbers.
- Adjust the speed of the game on the help option.
- Select “play” to start the draw of 30 balls.
- Select “credit” to check and end the game.
- Choose the “auto play” option so you start a game automatically after the end of another one.
- Define the number of extra balls that will be automatically played, by using the “extra ball” button.
- Play up to 13 extra balls and win free some other extra balls
- Earn the jackpot forming BINGO (full board) with a maximum of 30 balls and a minimum bet of 3.
- Above 20,000 credits the machine will not accept more bets.
- The malfunction of the machine cancels the plays with prizes.
- Use the “bet” option to set the speed of the draw.

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